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42. Do you have tables and chairs?

  • We have thirty 60-inch round tables which seat 8 to 10 people, twenty 26-inch by 26-inch high top tables that are 41-inches tall, ten 96-inch by 29-inch rectangular tables which seat 6 to 8 people, and 300 clear Chiavari chairs. Tables are $10 a piece and chairs are $5 a piece. We also have 300 optional black cushions for the chairs and over 40 metal stools that are available for your use at no additional charge. The tables and chairs will be in the main hall, but you will need to place them in your desired configuration. If you rent tables and chairs from us, they can be left as-is at the end of your event. If you rent tables and chairs from an outside rental company, please make sure that those items are removed by 9 AM the day after your event. Outside rental companies may charge extra for Sunday pick up. Pictures of our furniture can be seen in the Photos tab of our website in the album titled "Our Tables, Chairs & Barstools."

43. Do you have linens?

  • Yes. A linen set is $25 per table and for a round table it includes a Black, White or Ivory 120 inch round table cloth, a 62 inch square overlay table cloth or a Black, White, Ivory, or Sandalwood 72 inch square overlay table cloth (we recommend the 72 inch overlay), and 10 napkins. For a rectangular table, a linen set includes a Black, White, or Ivory 90 inch by 156 inch table cloth and 10 napkins. The 62 inch square overlay table cloth and the napkins are available in over 20 different colors. The colors can be seen at http://monarchlinen.com/swatches. The linens will be in the main hall, but you will be responsible for placing your linens at the tables. If you rent linens through us, they can be left as-is at the end of your event.

44. Do you have plates, silverware, glasses, sound systems, microphones, podiums, TV, projectors etc?

  • We have glasses for the bar, but you will need to provide the glasses at your tables for water, coffee, wine, and/or champagne. We do not have plates, silverware, podiums, or a projector. We do have a microphone and small speaker for events under 100, a portable flat screen TV with wireless cable and a mounted flat screen TV in the patio area. We also have multiple Sonos speakers that can link wirelessly to your device to play your desired playlists. There is no additional cost for any of these items. Please see our manager for further details.

45. How and when does the rental company need to pick up the rented items?

  • Please make sure that the rental companies pick up the rented items by 10 AM the following day. Please keep in mind that the rental companies charge a break down fee if the furniture is not broken down.

46. How clean do we need to leave it?

  • Please remove all items that you bring into The Brick including empty boxes, rented items, decorations, and tape on the walls. Empty boxes can be broken down and placed in our dumpster. Please note that confetti is not permitted.