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26. Can we bring our own alcohol? Are minors allowed in the bar or patio? Do you serve shots or doubles?

  • No, liquor law requires all alcohol to be provided through us. Violators will be expelled, the security deposit will be forfeited, and additional penalties will be incurred if outside alcohol is brought anywhere on our property. Also, liquor law does not allow for minors to be in the bar or patio area. Minors are welcome in the main hall. The Brick does not serve shots or doubles.

27. Can we do an open bar or a cash bar or some sort of combination?

  • Yes. Please contact our manager to make arrangements.

28. Can we have the bar temporarily closed during dinner?

  • Yes, you may have the bar closed any time. There is a line on the addendum where you can indicate what times that you would like the bar closed. You will not be charged for drinks while the bar is closed, however you will be charged for bartenders' time while the bar is closed.

29. How much is an Open Bar?

  • It is priced per person per hour. There are two options: 1) Beer, Wine, & Spirits Option which is $6.50 per person per hour & 2) Beer & Wine Option which is $4.50 per person per hour.
  • There is a 4 hour minimum for open bars.
  • Children are a flat $5 each regardless of the length of time that the bar is open. They do not need to be included in the per person head count for the open bar.

30. What Spirits do you have?

  • We usually have the following spirits or something similar: Tito's Vodka, Smirnoff Vodka, Raspberry Vodka, Tanqueray Gin, Jack Daniel's Whiskey, Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey, Glenlivet Whiskey, Malibu Rum, Captain Morgan Rum, Bacardi Silver Rum, Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua, Tequila, and cordials.

31. What variety of wines are included in the Open Bar?

  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Red Blend, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Moscato wines.

32. What else is included in the Open Bar?

  • All soda and mixers are included in an open bar.

33. What beers are included in the Open Bar?

  • Typically we have Miller Lite, Coors Lite, and rotating craft beers. Please check with our managers if interested in the specific beers that we have on tap.

34. Can we request different spirits, wine, and beer?

  • Yes, we may be able to accommodate your spirits and beer requests, but unfortunately, we cannot accommodate specific wine requests. Please speak to our manager for further details. Requested beer and spirits may require an additional charge.

35. How much is a Cash Bar?

  • Prices range from $3 to $7 per drink.

36. During dinner, can we have our guests served wine and/or champagne at their table?

  • Yes. We refer to this as Table Service. You will need to coordinate with your caterer to provide the staff to serve the wine and/or champagne. The staff needs to be licensed bartenders in the state of Indiana. Your caterer will also need to provide the glasses for the wine and champagne. The wine needs to be purchased through us. All of our house wines are available for $15 per bottle. We also have a Reserve Wine List that has additional wines that can be purchased for Table Service. Table Service wine needs to be ordered at least two weeks in advance of your event.

37. Who is responsible for providing the guests water and coffee at the table during dinner?

  • Like Wine & Champagne Table Service, we ask that you coordinate with your caterer to be responsible for the water and coffee at the table during dinner. This includes providing the glasses and filling the glasses.

38. How much is a bartender and how many bartenders are required?

  • A bartender is $20 per hour. Please include a half hour before the bar opens for set up and a half hour after the bar closes when calculating the bartender's hours. We require a minimum of $80 per bartender per event on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and $40 per bartender per event on all other days. 2 bartenders are required for events under 100 guests; 3 bartenders for events with 100-149 guests; 4 bartenders for events with 150-199 guests; and 5 bartenders for events with 200 or more guests.

39. Do I need to pay for the bartenders before my event?

  • Yes, all expenses need to be paid before your event. Please estimate this expense and include it with your payment. If the actual amount is less than estimated, we will refund the difference with the Deposit. If the actual amount is more than estimated, we will deduct the difference from the Deposit. If the Deposit is not sufficient to cover the difference, then you can pay the difference to us after your event.

40. Are tips required at The Brick?

  • Tips are not required but they are much appreciated by the bar staff. Tipping is left to the judgment of the guests and client.

41. Can alcohol be served on Christmas Day?

  • No, sorry. Indiana law prohibits us from selling alcohol on Christmas Day.