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1. What dates are available?

  • Please check the calendar by clicking the "Calendar and Booking" button above.

2. How much is it to rent The Brick?

  • Please check the calendar on our website for the facility rental rate for your specific date. In addition to the facility rental rate, you will have a food and beverage minimum that must be met through bar services and/or Navarre Catering. Other expenses include sales tax and a 20% service fee. Please contact info@thebrick.net for more detailed information.

3. What is the cancellation policy?

  • Any amounts paid, including the security deposit, are non-refundable upon cancellation.

4. Can we use any caterer?

  • Yes. At The Brick you have multiple catering options! Need help deciding? Using our preferred catering company - Navarre, At The Brick includes multiple incentives to make your event more convenient and cost-effective. Please contact us for more details!

5. Can I rent the day before my event?

  • No, we do not allow two consecutive dates to be rented.

6. How long do I have the venue when I book my event?

  • You will have access to The Brick at 10 a.m. on the day of your event. All items brought in or rented must be removed immediately following your event before you leave the facility.

7. How do we reserve a date?

  • Contact our venue manager at info@thebrick.net.

8. How can I pay the deposit and other amounts owed?

  • You can mail a check made payable to:
           Navarre at The Brick LLC
           727 S. Eddy St.
           South Bend, IN 46615
  • You can make arrangements to drop a check or cash off at The Brick or pay with a credit card over the phone (there is a 3.5% transaction fee to pay with credit card).

9. Does the $500 security deposit apply toward the rental rate?

  • No, the security deposit is in addition to the rental rate. The security deposit will be returned to you within a month after your event, provided that you follow the terms of the Rental Agreement.

10. How many people can The Brick accommodate?

  • For a sit down dinner, the number of people that can be accommodated will depend on several factors including the type of tables used, table configuration, buffet style or sit-down dinner, band/DJ size, and dance floor size. We recommend group sizes between 150-250 for weddings that would like to include a dance floor and dinner. Talk to our event specialist at info@thebrick.net to discuss your individual event needs!

11. Where is The Brick located?

  • The Brick is located at 1145 Northside Blvd. South Bend, IN 46615 between the Farmer's Market and The YMCA along the St. Joseph River. We are 5 minutes from The University of Notre Dame. Directions to The Brick can be found on the Directions tab at our website at www.thebrick.net.

12. Where do we park?

  • Parking is available in The Brick's parking lot, the YMCA's parking lot, and the Farmer's Market parking lot.

13. Is a security guard required and how much do they cost?

  • For events that are using our bar, an off-duty police officer is required beginning a half hour prior to bar start time and they are $35 per hour. Please plan on the security guard remaining until at least a half hour after your event. The security guards are hired and provided by The Brick.

14. Can we bring our own alcohol?

  • No, liquor law requires all alcohol to be provided through us. Violators will be expelled, the security deposit will be forfeited, and additional penalties will be incurred if outside alcohol is brought anywhere on our property. Also, liquor law does not allow for minors to be in the bar or patio area. Minors are welcome in the main hall.

15. Do you have tables and chairs?

  • We have 60-inch round tables which seat 8 to 10 people, tall bistro tables, 8 foot rectangular tables which seat 6 to 8 people, and clear Chiavari chairs. Tables are $10 a piece and chairs are $5 a piece. If you rent tables and chairs from us, they must be set-up prior to the event and broken down and moved by the end of your event. If you rent tables and chairs from an outside rental company, please make sure that those items are removed by the end of your event. Outside rental companies may charge extra for late night pick up.
  • If you choose to use catering by Navarre, At The Brick, our standard tables and chairs are included in your room rental fee!! We set up those tables and chairs prior to the event and take them down when your event is over!

16. Do you have linens to rent?

  • Yes. A floor-length table linen is $18 per table in Black, White or Ivory. Additional colors and specialty linen choices are available for an additional cost. Please contact The Brick for further details.

17. How and when does the rental company need to pick up the rented items?

  • Please make sure that the rental companies pick up the rented items by the end of your event. Please keep in mind that the rental companies charge a break down fee if the furniture is not broken down.

18. How clean do we need to leave the venue?

  • Please remove all items that you bring into The Brick including empty boxes, rented items, decorations, and tape on the walls. Empty boxes can be broken down and placed in our dumpster. Please note that confetti is not permitted.